The Blues Today

Blue is a favourite genre in music today. It is steeped in musical emotion and melodies. In today's world, the blues has a profound impact among the people in the UK, United States and beyond. The Blues music invokes a wide range of emotions among the audience such as joy, anguish, sadness, loneliness and much more. The Blues music can make one feel perfect. The Blues musical instrumentation used today is appreciated and has a profound influence across the world. It is the best of all. The Blues tops the music chart list for its contemporary style. The Blues has been existing for 100 years now. The journey of the Blues has originated from Africa to the urban areas of the US. The older forms of Blues still persist and exists in popularity. It can never fade out in any manner. Complex and fluid rhythms of the Blues still exist today.

The Blues has an absolutely stunning and striking aspect in today's music industry. Its spirit is always alive in the modern Blues music like The Black Keys, Fatback Deluxe, The White Stripes and the Vanessa Collier. The Blues have never sunk from its history, but instead, it is constantly blooming. It has got a new life into it many times by the changing new instrumentation, lyrical themes, structures and artists. The Blues have got a sarcastic tone with creative influences in lyrics, instruments and technology and remain emotive and fresh in its style till date. Musicians and artists constantly keep reinventing and playing new Blues to maintain its legendary alive. From the beginnings in Africa to the steady surging journey to the north, the Blues has always grown up with the history and will never die for many reasons. Anyone can create the Blues with their contemplative lyrics, instrument and sing about it. The Blues was and is the root of all popular music styles today.