The Birth of Blues Music

The Very Beginning of The Blues

Very little is known about how the music known as the blues came into existence. No specific year is cited. However, the style evolved. The African continent is said to be the cradle of the colours. Some say that the Blues came into existence in 1901 when the black workers had lyrics and technical elements common as in the Blues. The style that was in life before the modern Blues was the African American music. The first Blues like music had a functional expression without any particular structure of music. The pre-blues music is assumed to be performed by the slaves with emotional content. The music of Africa had a call and response format in their music. The history of Blues is said to be taken from the West African music. The African instrument then was Akonting of the Jola tribe. It is like a predecessor of American banjo. The Kora and the Jola music are the famous ones then.

While some say that Blues are from African origin, other historians assert that Islamic music is the influence of the Blues. They say it resembles the Islamic call of prayer similar to lyrics of praising God. Some say that the music resembles 30% of the music of African slaves in America. Meanwhile, some assume the Blues echo the Hebridean originated gospels by enslaved people.

Blues in the 1990s

The Blues notes of the English composer Samuel Coleridge-Taylors in 1898 had The African Suite for Piano. The American music industry had produced a lot of ragtime music back in the 1990s. It is said that Mamie Desdunes sang the first Blues in 1938. In 1912, there was another publication the Dallas Blues by Hart A.Wand. Another song The Blues was copyrighted to LeRoy in 1912. Handy is an adequately trained musician who called himself the father of the Blues. The Classic female urban and vaudeville blues singers were famous in the 1920s. Later the modern country music forms and styles arose in the United States during the later 19th century. Race music and hillbilly music became popular styles.